Imagine Dragons’ frontman, Dan Reynolds, tweeted about the tragic incident where a black man was murdered by the police, on his official Twitter account and demanded radical changes to be made.

As you know, the news of the murder of a black man named George Floyd by white police officers has been all over the media. The video footage of the incident surfaced and in the video, a police officer is kneeling down on Floyd’s neck, preventing him from breathing.

Even though Floyd shouted many times that he couldn’t breathe, police officers ignored him and kept pinning him down. The police officer continued until Floyd was motionless. He died at the hospital that he was taken to, at the age of 46.

The incident started an uprising in America. Many protests have been taking place, people have been clashing with the police, starting fires and looting stores. The death of George Floyd rekindled the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. The four police officers were fired.

Imagine Dragons’ vocalist Dan Reynolds also shared his thoughts about the incident. He demanded radical changes to be made in America:

“We need real change in America. lives depend on it.”

He also shared a photo of George Floyd with the caption:

“Rest in power George Floyd”

His fans left many comments and thanked him for speaking up.

Matilde said:

“I’m still shocked by what happened… It is unthinkable that nowadays skin colour is still a method of judging people.

I don’t understand how someone can kill an innocent person just for the color of his skin. I hope all of this ends soon. This need to stop. #BlackLivesMatter”

A fan named krystianplatz commented:

“Thank you for using your voice! You are the one (in my eyes) who will change the world into a better place”

Emma wrote:

“Thank you for tweeting about it, Dan”

You can see Dan Reynold’s tweet below.