Imagine Dragons icon Dan Reynolds took his official Twitter account to speak about the protest that happening in the United States of America and shared his feelings about violent actions.

As you might remember, the people of America started to protest the devastating death of George Floyd, and they are trying to find justice for the black people in the legacy of the unfortunate guy.

Yesterday, we shared that Dan Reynolds has joined the protesters in Vegas and stated that they have been protesting peacefully.

However, there were some rioters and violent actions in some of these protests. Dan said that he is so sad about these unsupported behaviors became the story. Also, Dan wrote that the majority of the protesters are voicing to not incite violence.

Here is what Dan Reynolds said:

“Last night in Vegas thousands protested peacefully. It is extremely sad and disheartening that a few people’s violent actions became the story.

My heart goes out to those that were harmed. The majority was continually voicing to not incite violence and to be peaceful all night.”

A fan named Skyler replied:

“People value material items over human lives. sad.”

Another fan named Austin replied:

“The media wants to show only the bad, not the good, the media wants to ruin what is supposed to be good.”

You can read the tweet below.