Dan Reynolds, the frontman of the rock band Imagine Dragons, unveiled his favorite human ever as his talented wife and indie rock musician Aja Volkman-Reynolds while announcing her band’s new EP.

Married in 2011, Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman-Reynolds have continued to crown their relationship by collaborating on projects and supporting the musical careers of each other when one of them releases new music.

Lately, Volkman’s band TWO has announced their debut EP ‘Pull the Knife Out‘, which is available now. The greatest support to the new music of the band came from Dan Reynolds via Twitter. Reynolds congratulated their EP and did not forget to praise his wife by mentioning that she is his favorite human.

Here is what Reynolds said on his tweet:

My favorite human ever Aja Volkman-Reynolds’ band TWO’s EP “Pull the Knife Out” dropped today!!! So many amazing songs on this record. Check it out.”

You can see Reynolds’ tweet below and check out the debut EP of TWO here.