Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds has reacted to a disrespectful behaviour of Sebastian Gorka, who is using Imagine Dragons’ music on his radio show without any permission from the band.

A Twitter user named Jordan noticed that incident, and wrote a message to Dan for let him know about it on Twitter with that tweet:

“TIL Gorka uses @Imaginedragons music on his radio show”

Dan responded:

“Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve never given permission for this use. Please stop playing imagine dragons on your show

Jordan said:

“Was just told by @JasonSCampbell that Gorka is still using your song”

Dan replied:

“From Universal:

“Confirming all 42 links are blocked, however, Gorka has uploaded more videos with the song in it. I will continue to monitor the page and submit links to be blocked daily.”

Losing my mind on this. thanks for keeping on my radar. X”

A fan named Bauti wrote to Dan:

“Oh so that guy uses your song even after they got told to not do it and they don’t go to jail but I use a song and I get suspended here. this is unfair I want a refund”

Dan wrote a simple response:

“I love u”

You can see the tweets below.