Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds is one of the most actual rockstars on Twitter, and he’s sharing stuff to show off his casual life with some photos and states for the followers via his official Twitter account.

A week ago, Dan posted a warning message about the masks that people are wearing for protection from coronavirus outbreak. In the comment section of the tweet, a fan called him ‘radioactive singer’ by referring one of the popular songs of Imagine Dragons, ‘Radioactive.’

After an hour later, Dan jumped to social media, and he responded to fans’ nickname by sharing what he prefers instead of ‘radioactive singer.’ You can read the conversation below.

Here’s what Dan wrote:

“Pros of wearing a quarantine mask: pick my nose. Less can talk to me quietly when on walks without ppl knowing.”

A fan named Sully commented:

“Do people still recognize you as the radioactive singer even w the mask on”

Dan responded:

“*Believer singer.”

Check out the tweets below.