Imagine Dragons star Dan Reynolds posted a recent tweet on his verified Twitter account and reacted to the beautiful letter from some of his fan named Chris.

Here is the letter of Chris:

“Dear Dan,

You might never see this or read it but I would like to tell you how your music changed my whole life. All the time I spent living like I’m not good enough for someone, that I will never achieve something in my life or that I will disappoint my family.

I always loved to hear music and loved to sing, as a child I always wanted to be a singer. My friends laughed at me when I wanted to join a choir in school because they said, that they need people who can sing.

I was a bit afraid after that but I still tried it and the conductor said I have a great voice. I was so happy about that when I found your band I fell in love with your music because I can relate to it so much. It feels like your songs speak from my soul and they keep me fighting. I can’t say enough times thank you for the music you create.

You are my role model and I want to become as amazing as you are. You had the biggest impact in my life than anyone else, you showed me what it means to be alive and fight for the things I love.

Moreover, you keep me holding in my dream of being a singer one day, I wanna connect people like you do, I practice almost every day so I improve myself and that ended that I met so amazing people just because of the things you did to me. So many people support me every day and tell me that I’m loved. Before that time it felt like I have only one real person who helps me and that is my best friend.

I’m still struggling with loving myself and ignoring hate that I get, but your songs help me with finding my way to my own happiness. I hope that I can meet you someday to thank you a thousand times and giving you a really big hug. I’m so grateful for the music you created. Thank you for showing me it is worth fighting.”

Dan reacted to the letter and said:

“Chris What a beautiful letter. Keep being YOU. Don’t ever listen to anyone. That will bring you success. Love yourself. I love you. We love you. X”

You can see the tweets below: