Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds wrote new tweets on his official social media account and responded to a user named Bauti’s long criticism about the LGBT community and the never-ending circle about the process.

A user named Bauti wrote this:

“Hey @DanReynolds this isn’t me attacking you or anything but I hope you can read this:

“Hope this doesn’t sound rude but what we won’t and we shouldn’t do is praise the mormon church for doing the bare minimum. We are living humans, we deserve full respect or nothing. Most of the things the Mormon church do to ‘be more inclusive’ they do it bc it benefits them (for example baptizing children from LGBT+ parents when they just did it bc baptism number were decreasing and also they’re just baptizing straight children bc if one of them came out they wouldn’t do it).

And if you keep praising them for literally doing nothing they gonna keep doing nothing bc at the end of the day they know they can just do the bare minimum and everything will be fixed, is a never ending circle. I know your religion is extremely important to you and you have faith that it’ll change but I’ve seen a lot of ppl questioning your ally status bc of it.

If someone wanna praise them that’s fine but a straight man saying we should be like “that’s awesome” is not a good thing. again, I hope this doesn’t sound rude. I’m just saying this bc you said you like dialogue and I’ve already seen many people talk about this (including tyler glenn) so idk.”

Dan responded to that statement and said:

“Not feeling attacked and totally understand. Just think it’s important to acknowledge even baby steps along the way. The world is dark and can feel overwhelmingly daunting at times so I try to at least acknowledge a positive baby step in the right direction.

No doubt our youth deserve complete and entire acceptance and celebration – anything less is wrong and inexcusable – however this is fight! And with that comes small moments of change that we must acknowledge to continue to have hope for a future where all are equal.

That being said I completely understand your sentiment and always enjoy reading your passion. Xx.”

You can read the tweets right below.