Imagine Dragons’ well-known frontman and famous LGBTQ activist, Dan Reynolds posted a really heart-melting video that shows the funny conversation he had with his lovely daughter, Arrow.

Here is some part of the conversation that Dan asked Arrow what name she would like to call him.

Dan Reynolds said that:

“So, Arrow, what is my name?”

His son Arrow responded:


Dan asked back:

“What’s my other name?”

Arrow answered:


Here is what Dan wrote for the video with tagging Keith Lionel Urban:

“And this I just can’t.


You can watch that touching video right below.

Last week, Dan Reynolds has reacted to a disrespectful behaviour of Sebastian Gorka, who is using Imagine Dragons’ music on his radio show without any permission from the band.

A Twitter user named Jordan noticed that incident, and wrote a message to Dan for let him know about it on Twitter with that tweet:

“TIL Gorka uses @Imaginedragons music on his radio show”

Click here to read his reaction.