Dan Reynolds, the frontman and the only remaining original member of Imagine Dragons, has explained what he wants to accomplish after his death and revealed his biggest aim as he spends his life to achieve it.

As you know, the talented musician Reynolds has been talking about what the music means to him along with what the Imagine Dragons has tried to create over the years in the music industry. On Twitter, Reynolds has celebrated the success of the band on the digital music platform Spotify as they have become the most followed group.

Dan thanked his fans a lot since they followed and supported a depressed kid who turned to music for refuge in middle school. He added that what Imagine Dragons stands for is not only a rock band, it does also for a feeling of hope, happiness, sadness, and vulnerability.

Recently, Dan Reynolds has disclosed more of his thoughts about the music in general and his desire related to it. On Twitter, he said that when life is over and it’s all said and done, his only hope is to bring light and love to all through music. Reynolds explained that he wants to give all of his fans the love they deserve through their songs, which are the companions to the ones who listen to them.

Here is what Dan Reynolds said in his latest tweets:

“When life is over and it’s all said and done my only hope and desire is to bring light and love to all through music.”

In another tweet he said:

“I hope you know I see your messages. I can’t respond to it all because it just isn’t possible. But I do see you and wish that I could give you all the love you deserve. I always that they music and lyrics speak to you and bring you some sort of good energy and love. Companionship.”

You can see the tweets below.