The iconic frontman of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds, has posted a new tweet about the government’s decision that passes a ban for ‘Conversion Therapy’ bills.

Firstly, drag race star, Carmen Carrera had shared an interesting tweet on her Twitter account and thanked LOVELOUD Foundation and Dan Reynolds for prepping them for tomorrow’s big day on Capitol Hill.

Here’s what she wrote:

Thank you @LOVELOUDfest for prepping us for tomorrow’s big day on Capitol Hill we are about to slay @DanReynolds #TylerGlenn #LoveLoud.

After seen that tweet of Carmen, Dan Reynold has reposted this tweet on Twitter and shared his support for the LOVELOUD Foundation. He also said that he will be there to back them up.

Dan Reynolds wrote this:

“I headed to Capitol Hill w @Carmen_Carrera and @tylerinacoma tomorrow to speak w our leaders about passing bills to stop conversion therapy.

feels especially important after days like today – we can work together for a brighter tomorrow. we MUST.”

You can see the tweets of the couple right below.