Imagine Dragons star and famous personality in social media, Dan Reynolds, has shared a special tweet about the new year via his verified and official Twitter account.

Apparently, Dan Reynolds set an important milestone for 2020. He stated that he wants to be a good dad and husband. He will also try to create honest art and take care of his mental health.

The fans of himself have started to think the 5th matter for Dan Reynolds’ list. They have found a lot of surprise matters. You can see the few answers of fans right below.

Here’s what Dan wrote in the tweet:

My focus for 2020:

1. be a good dad and husband.

2. create honest art.

3. try to be kind and present.

4. take care of my mental health/love myself.

5. try to think of a 5.

A fan named Karina Rose commented

“5. keep your promises. you agreed to fight jess and I at unlv but never pulled up.”

Another fan named Azhar said:

“5. do what I love and what I want to cause that’s what matters not what ppl want.”

Imagine Dragons Flamily wrote that comment:

“I hope this year will give you everything you want ’cause you deserve it!

We miss you, but you deserve time for yourselves and your wonderful families and we will wait for you without hurry and always respecting your choices with love.”

You can see the tweet of Dan Reynolds right below.