The iconic fronting member of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds has posted a new photo of himself via his verified and official Twitter account.

In the photo, he was flying somewhere, but he didn’t share where he was going. Also, Dan Reynolds has written a special message with this photo, and he revealed that he’s listening to podcasts when he stands in his cocoon.

Here’s what Dan said:

“In my cocoon listening to podcasts – my happy place. what makes you happy?”

A fan named Martyna commented:

“I think what makes me happy the most is ID concerts, seeing you and receiving so much great energy, love, and positive vibes, meeting so many amazing people, dancing and singing together, spreading love, peace, equality.”

Another fan named Tecla said:

“Dan I made this letter to you, and what makes me happy is that you would read it someday, I did my best for this. and it is hard for me.

Thank you for everything, Dan! Love Tecla.”

You can see the tweet right below.