The iconic fronting member of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds, has joined the program of Lyndsey Parker on Yahoo on January 8, 2020, and he made some interesting statements about LGBTQ.

In the program, Dan Reynolds talked very sincerely with Lyndsey Parker about general life and his own music career but everyone was waiting for what he would say about LGBTQ.

Eventually, Dan Reynold has explained why he joined LGBTQ despite he is heterosexual.

Here’s what he said:

“I grew up in a very conservative family, Mormon, and had a lot of friends who were Mormon and LGBTQ and that put them in a really difficult spot from an early age. Having your parents or your church leaders tell you that your innate sense of loving is incorrect or flawed, that really sets a kid off on a difficult path.

Then we look at these statistics that are showing us that LGBTQ youth who are not accepted in their home or community are eight times more likely to take their life. And we wonder why? If someone had told me from a very young age that my innate sense to love was flawed, it would’ve really messed me up.

Our LGBTQ are not broken. Society is broken. Our culture is broken. That takes everybody to get involved to fix it. It takes people of privilege, people with platforms, to speak up and talk about it. For me, it takes very little effort.

I’m not looking to take up space in the community. What I’m looking to do is to raise awareness and to help our youth: to help people like my friends who didn’t come out until they were in their twenties, and that was a still a super-difficult process for them just because of their faith or their community and not feeling like it was a safe space for them.”

You can watch the full interview of Dan Reynold right below.