Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds has made a little conversation with a Billboard editor Twitter and explained why his daughter is named ‘Arrow’.

Billboard editor Joe Levy has posted the link of his podcast named ‘Final Sessions’ and some reason Dan Reynolds responded to that post.

Here’s what Joe wrote:

“Episode three of my Harry Nilsson podcast, “Final Sessions,” is out today! It’s devoted to Harry’s songs of childhood, and how hard he worked to make the longings expressed in those songs come true when he settled into the family life of his own.”

Dan responded:

“Thank you for paying homage to one of the very greatest of all time. my dad raised me on Harry and my daughter is named arrow because of the point (oblios dog)”

A fan named Mary Clare commented:

“Really? I always wondered. The Point was such a great movie. No one I ever mention it to knows what I am talking about.”

Check out the tweets below.