The frontman of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds, took to social media to announce the disorder he’s facing amid the quarantine days and shared his feelings to encourage people for fighting against mental health problems.

We all know that Dan has been struggling with some mental problems for two years, and he never hid it from the fans. In fact, he supports communities that are fighting against mental diseases.

Today, Dan has made a new official announcement on his Twitter account and confirmed that he’s struggling with depression again. He also encouraged people who are facing the same disease.

Here’s what he wrote:

“I hope you are doing ok. I definitely am dealing w a little heavier depression. I’ve been told this is v normal in a situation like this. I just wanted to share so you aren’t alone with it. We got this. Things will look up soon. I love you. Don’t be ashamed to speak to your parents/friend.

On the therapy process, he wrote:

“Therapy is not something to feel embarrassed about. You aren’t broken. You are human and life can be very heavy. We all need a little help. we are in this together.

I promise soon we will all reunite at a show and celebrate the beauty of life and music. Singing together across the globe. We are working on something quite special I think. This isolation has actually brought about a lot of creativity in the 4 of us.”

He continued tweeting and said:

“Please know I see your messages and wish I could somehow convey my appreciation and love for all of you. I also read your letters and hear about your struggles. I wish I could do more than write music for you.

Not sure what that is but I’ll continue to follow life’s path. just know you do a hell of a lot more for me than I could ever do for you. I love you XXdr”

Check out the tweets below.