Imagine Dragons’ lead vocalist, Dan Reynolds, shared a tweet on his Twitter account with which he made a daring statement considering the film industry while asking people not to get offended or attack him over this.

As you probably know, Dan Reynolds is very active on social media and enjoys sharing his political views, daily life, and generally the things he enjoys doing. This time, he used his Twitter account to make a bold claim about a movie he watched which will probably attract a lot of attention.

It seems like he recently watched or rather re-watched ‘Pretty Woman,’ the famous American romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. He seems to have enjoyed the film so much that in his recent tweet he argued that it’s one of the Top 3 movies of all time.

Foreseeing the reactions he is going to get, he said ‘Don’t @ me‘ which means ‘no offense’ or basically, don’t attack me for my view. ‘Pretty Woman’ is indeed one of the most popular films of all-time and it saw the highest number of ticket sales in the United States as a romantic comedy.

It looks like Dan Reynolds wanted to chime in about the success of ‘Pretty Woman’ and show his appreciation. The comments that he received under his tweet were nothing but positive ones. While some of his followers agreed, others expressed their curiosity about his other favorite two.

Here is what Dan Reynolds said:

“Pretty Woman… Top 3 movie all time. Don’t @ me.”

You can check out the tweet that Dan Reynold posted on his Twitter account below.