The iconic frontman of Imagine Dragons and one of the most emotional stars of the current music industry, Dan Reynolds, has posted a recent tweet on his official Twitter account to share his feelings after reading the birthday messages of the fans.

While Dan stated that if he could, he would like to respond to every single message of the fans as they took to their social media accounts to celebrate his 33rd birthday.

However, he also confessed that he has moved to tears after seeing the messages and receiving the gifts of his fanbase. You might check out the photo with the message he sent a photo that he looks cheerful because of the messages, but also thoughtful after the tears he dropped recently.

Here is what Dan Reynolds wrote on his latest Twitter post:

“Woke today feeling incredibly grateful for all the kind bday love. I wish that I was able to answer you all. Please know I read your messages / received your gifts & felt so lucky. Even shed a few tears.

I don’t know what I did to deserve this all. You really made it a special one for me. X.”

You can check out his tweet and the photo right below.