Imagine Dragons vocalist Dan Reynolds saddened the fans and community by making a new confession on his official Twitter account and admitted that he did use heroin back in the days.

In the post, Dan stated that using drugs has nothing to do with rock and roll and mentioned that it can only mean sadness. In addition to his claims, Reynolds also revealed that he lost his best friend due to his drug addiction.

Furthermore, Dan pointed out that people shouldn’t be fooled about the false promises that drugs give. He stressed the fact that it will only hurt our family and the people who we love the most.

While giving some important advice to his fans, Dan despised those people who find various excuses to use drugs, such as ‘celebrating their darkness.’ As he claimed it is quite sad to hide behind such excuses, Dan referred to his best friend who died because of long-going substance abuse. The talented young musician saddened the whole community with this confession.

As you might remember, Dan announced back in 2016 he had suffered from depression for the past two years, and he is frequently seeing a therapist. Considering all this, the most possible scenario seemed like Dan has been through such terrible loss which possibly led him to depression.

Here is what Dan Reynolds said:

“‘I did heroine – celebrate my darkness.’

Is so damn sad.

Lost my best friend to hard drugs. It isn’t rock n roll. It is sadness.

Don’t indulge that false promise. It doesn’t give u an edge. It gives you addiction. It hurts your family. I say this as someone who has used.”

You can check out the post below.