The iconic fronting member of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds posted a new tweet on his official Twitter account and made a sincere statement about the changing physical appearance of himself from the past to the present.

Dan Reynolds has been working very hard to regulate himself for 2 years. He has gone to a lot of fitness and GYM courses to look better.

Today, Day Reynolds has begun to receive rewards for his actions, he has started showing himself and big change on his body to people and fans. As he mentioned, today, he feels better than 2 years ago.

Also, he shared information about himself, he said that ‘announcement coming soon’ about the post but we have not to know what it is yet.

Here’s the statement of Dan:

“I have been working on something for you all over the last year. the long-promised exercise/diet/supplement plan.

I’ve been on for the last 2 years that completely changed my body and life thanks to Brad Feinberg. announcement coming soon X.”

A fan named Karina Rose commented:

“Dan! guess what? – for the first time in my life, I’m feeling happy, I haven’t felt utterly depressed in a minute, AND I can be optimistic. sometimes I even find myself thinking about the future. isn’t that WILD??

never thought I’d get here, wouldn’t be here without u. crazy.”

Dan responded:

“That is amazing. So happy for you. Sending you all the love.”

Another fan named Martyna wrote that:

“I’m sorry Dan, but THESE TYPE OF PHONE CASES ARE NOT IT, they’re so uncomfortable how are you not annoyed with it yet.”

Dan responded again:

“Haha, true most of the time. But I love that it also works for my wallet cause I never lose my phone but I always lose my wallet…”

You can see the post of Dan Reynolds right below.