The iconic fronting member of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds has posted a really sincere photo of himself with his family on his verified Twitter account.

As Dan Reynolds picked up Arrow from the school with Aja Reynolds, they gave surprising news to her and revealed that they’re going to Disneyland today.

Also, he shared a special photo for showing the reaction of Arrow Eve Reynold and his wife, Aja Reynolds. The fan started to write some interesting comments on the tweet.

Here’s what wrote Dan Reynolds:

“Picked arrow up from school and told her we are going to @Disneyland today! I can’t tell who’s more excited arrow or Aja.”

A fan named Bauti said:

“I bet is actually you the one who’s more excited and you just use arrow as an excuse to go to Disneyland every month.”

Another fan named Nicole commented:

“I don’t think you should have announced this until after you went. Now you will have the crazy people hunting you down in the Magic Kingdom.”

You can see the photo right below.