Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds warmed everybody’s heart by sharing a really cute picture of the Reynolds family on his official Twitter account and showed the perfect way to wake up.

As you can see in the picture below, Dan was laying down on the couch and probably taking a nap to rest a bit. However, his children had a different idea and decided to jump on their lovely dad’s body.

It’s clear to see that Dan woke up in a perfect way while enjoying his time with his children, and you can see how a perfect father he is. Also, Dan melted everybody’s heart with this cute family picture.

Moreover, Dan wrote that he is so grateful to have such a great family and showed how happy he is to be with his children during the self-quarantine days. Additionally, he sent his love and blessings to his followers.

Here is what Dan Reynolds wrote:

“The perfect way to wake up this morning. I’m incredibly grateful for my abundance of blessings. sending you all love.”

You can check out the post below.