Imagine Dragons star and famous personality in social media, Dan Reynolds, has shared a new sincere photo of himself with his 32 years old wife, Aja Volkman ‘Reynolds,’ via his verified and official Twitter account.

In the photo, the couple was looking very romantic and sweet, you can easily notice that they love each other too much when saw the photo.

Dan Reynold wrote that with photo:

“Date night w my sugar mama.”

The fans are started to write amazing and sincere comments below of the photo. A lot of fans notice that Dan Reynold’s wife, Aja Volkman still looks very fit and powerful though she gives birth four babies 

A fan named Cara commented and asked that:

“How does she look this good after giving birth to 4 children????? You’re lucky”

Another fan Lola Gibbs wrote an answer to Cara:

“She’s blessed and she works hard. Okay, she’s just one of those freaky lucky people.”

Another Twitter user Bruno asked this question but anyone doesn’t give the answer:

“When are you gonna adopt me as your 5th baby.”

You can see the tweet of Dan Reynolds right below.