Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds took to his official Twitter account to share a new post and showed his help for the people while revealing the disease that he lived with for a while.

Ankylosing spondylitis, known as AS, is a disorder that affects joints that causes long-term inflammation in the spine. Typically, it will start from the lower back, and the back pain is the most common symptom of this disease, which also often comes and goes.

As you might remember, Dan announced his AS disease back in 2015, and he partnered with a foundation to raise awareness of this disease in the next year. In the same year, Dan also admitted that he has been depressed for a while.

In the tweet, Dan stated that he lived with this disease for over ten years and didn’t know what was causing him back pains. Afterward, Dan showed the way how people can find help with the unexplained back pains and showed how a humble person he is.

Since 2018, Dan has been trying to help the people on social media by sharing his memories and experiences about these problems and sharing encouraging messages to support the people who are suffering from these diseases.

Here is what Dan Reynolds wrote:

“Having lived with AS for 10+ years, one of the hardest parts is that it’s a hidden disease.

I’ve teamed up with Dr. Hillary Norton to help others with unexplained back pain find answers. Visit, take a 3-minute quiz & connect with a doctor.”

You can read the tweet below.