The iconic frontman of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds, has shared an adorable photo of himself with his children via his Twitter account and made a surprising statement about his favorite book called ‘The Giving Tree.’ 

Last night, Dan Reynolds was having a great time with his kids during the self-quarantine, and he read his favorite book called ‘The Giving Tree’ for his kids.

He took a sweet photo with his kids and shared it on Twitter. Also, he described his feelings about the book.

Here’s what he wrote:

“This book makes me cry every time I read it to my girls. then again I find myself being much closer to my emotions these days.

I’m grateful for that. and grateful for a mother who has dealt w a very selfish boy for a long time. love u, Christene Reynolds.”

A user named Michelle commented:

“You are a giving tree! Love you.”

Another user named Laurinha wrote this:

“I love you three.”

You can see the tweet and photo of Dan Reynolds below.