In a recent post on Twitter, Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds talked about his gratefulness about life as well as giving a promise to his followers about the upcoming shows.

Yesterday was a special day for rock music, especially for the Imagine Dragons fans because it was the 34th birthday of their iconic frontman. On this special day, the whole community sent their love for Dan Reynolds.

Following the celebrations, Dan wanted to show his gratitude to the fans and thanked every single person who wished him a great birthday. Then, he promised that he will give his everything on the stage to make everybody satisfied with the shows.

Afterward, Dan talked about how important the family is once again and said that his greatest gift is family. Besides that, he pointed out that Imagine Dragons fans are part of this family.

Dan Reynolds wrote:

“Thank you for all the birthday love. I am a blessed man. this coming year I promise to bring you my all on stage every night. I look forward to celebrating life with you all across the globe.

My greatest gift is my family. and you are a part of that family. thank you forever.”

You can check out the post.