Imagine Dragons vocalist Dan Reynolds has posted a new message on his Twitter account and shared a crucial statement about the quarantine masks.

As we all know, Dan Reynolds has quarantined himself with his family at home, following the social distance rules due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Today, Dan has written an important message on Twitter and revealed the pros of a quarantine mask from his own perspective. Frankly, we surprised after saw his tweet because he discovered new features of the mask.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Pros of wearing quarantine mask:

Pick my nose less.

Can talk to myself quietly when on walks w out ppl knowing.”

Also, Dan Reynold added this on the comments section:

“Believer singer.”

A fan named Cassandra wrote this:

“Nobody will know you’re the radioactive guy either.”

Another fan named Maddie Larson commented:

“You should do “day in the life of quarantine.. featuring Dan Reynolds”

You can see the tweet of him right below.