Dan Reynolds, the lead vocalist of the pop-rock band Imagine Dragons, shared a post on his official Twitter page about a new song probably from the upcoming album titled ‘LP5’ and revealed how he saved the recording, ‘THISISHORRIBLE.’

As you might remember, Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds announced the upcoming album titled ‘LP5’ by sharing a selfie on his official Instagram page in August. The new album will be the band’s fifth studio album and although Reynolds revealed the ‘LP5,’ he did not give much detail to his fans about a release date or an insight.

Here is how Reynolds teased the new album:

“Public void LP5.untitled ( ) ;”

Recently, Dan Reynolds shared a post on his official Twitter page, a picture of a recording, most likely for Imagine Dragons’ new album ‘LP5’, and revealed how he saved the recording by giving it a title ‘THISISHORRIBLE.’ Reynolds also sarcastically stated that his work day went perfectly fine.

Here is what Reynolds said:

Work today went great.”

Reynolds, later on, shared a cheerful-looking (!) selfie on his official Twitter page and captioned it with a simple word in order to, once again sarcastically, express his joy.

Here is what he said:


You can see the Twitter posts below.