Imagine Dragons’ famous frontman Dan Reynolds seems to have started a social media distancing along with social distancing, however, his unexpected attitude towards his social media accounts has caused his fans to worry about his mental health.

There is no doubt that Dan Reynolds is an artist who has enjoyed using his social media accounts before. He often used his Instagram and Twitter accounts to share his thoughts about various matters, to post memories with his family, and talk about important political issues.

Last year Dan Reynolds took a big step and disclosed private information considering his mental health. His bravery was praised by a lot of people who supported the fact that a famous person like Reynolds was talking about these issues openly.

He had posted a series of tweets considering his ‘major depressive disorder, anxiety, ADHD‘ and suicidal thoughts, some of which he later deleted. Besides being supportive of his openness, Dan Reynold’s fans and followers were also a little bit worried.

As you might have noticed, Dan Reynolds has deleted all of the tweets on his Twitter account. His sudden erasure of all his personal tweets worried his fans who were shocked to come across an empty profile.

Reynold’s fans posted numerous tweets wondering whether everything is okay with him. They even created a thread under which they are trying to make sense of what is going on. However, the fact that his Instagram account is still filled with his photos consoled them.

The majority of Reynold’s fans and followers are supporting his social media distancing considering his mental health history. Some of his followers are really worried and are expecting an explanation though.

You can check out Dan Reynolds’ Twitter account below.