Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds has shared a tweet series and revealed his thoughts on Nickelback. He actually defended the Nickelback against the haters…

He said that ‘the whole hate towards Creed and Nickelback for years is stupid’. Here’s the full statement:

“The whole hate towards Creed and Nickelback for years is stupid and is nothing different then bullying. It’s 1 thing to criticize their music because it’s not for u & another thing to continually shovel shit on them as people for fun. I don’t know them but am burnt on the hate.”

He continued:

When Scott Stapp was going through his struggles and people were laughing about it it made me sick. nothing different then a high school popularity contest filled w a bunch of insecure bullies trying to make themselves feel better at someone’s expense. Gross.

People are people. Celebrities are people. artists have super high depression and anxiety rates. they already are insecure. the industry needs critics, absolutely. it’s helped me re-examine my craft and grow. we don’t need bullies and personal cutting insults thrown at anyone.

And don’t even get me started on what we as a society do to our women artists, the few we even ALLOW to enter the male dominated industry. we require them to fit a mold and standard. “they must be young” “they must be skinny” “they must be edgy” “they must be sexualized”

We are sending them to rehab & setting them up to struggle w eating disorders. we push women to obsess over trying to look young forever. men. oh “we can be old”. “age looks great on you!” they lie in wait to tear down our female artists. wait for one “ wrong move” and lastly some of the most marginalized of all. countless LGBTQ artists told to sing “less gay” – “be less flamboyant”. I can’t tell you how many face this reality today. we must change this in our industry and society.

On why does everyone hate Nickelback, watch the video from below.

You can reach the tweets from here. And some of them from below.