Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynold has shared a new statement about the musicians who slammed him and his band in a new tweet.

We can easily think that he is maybe responding to Corey Taylor and other stars. That’s because back on February 21, Corey Taylor claimed that Imagine Dragons has replaced Nickelback as most hated rock band.

Here is what he wrote:

“When you know your truth nothing else matters. Imagine Dragons is stronger than ever. We are best friends making music together.

Loveloud is more determined than ever. We are a strong group of diverse individuals looking to make real change. no time for anything else.”

You can see that tweet below:

Back in February, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and other famous musicians mocked with Dan Reynolds and Imagine Dragons.

After that assaults, Reynolds made a statement and said:

“For a decade now I’ve dealt with critics and other bands saying extremely harsh things about my band. Not what I would call “fair criticism” (which I always try my best to receive and learn from) but actual click-bait horse shit.

Words filled with vile and hate meant to feed humanities need to laugh at each other’s imperfections and fails.

I’ve gotten over the fact that guys in other bands (the 1975, foster the people, smashing pumpkins, slipknot etc) feel a need to talk badly about my band for whatever reason.”

After that statement, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor responded and said:

“As long as people are stupid, letting salacious headlines do their thinking for them, there will always be controversy.

Do some research and find the truth- you’ll feel better… and look less ridiculous. #guiltfreehere”

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