Imagine Dragons’ frontman, Dan Reynolds, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and paid tribute to his 16 year-old-friend who sadly passed away after battling a rare type of cancer, but whose positive outlook on life inspired the band members to establish a foundation in his honor.

Although Imagine Dragons has now reached international fame and has won dozens of awards and a Grammy, they had a very special fan back in the early days who inspired them immensely. One day in 2011, Dan Reynolds received a very emotional message on Facebook from the brother of Tyler Robinson, who had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of soft-tissue cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma.

In the message, Tyler’s brother had said that while Tyler was going through his difficult treatment, Tyler listened to ‘Its Time‘ from Imagine Dragons’ EP which really encouraged him during his toughest days. In specific the lyric ‘The road to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell’ gave him hope that he would beat cancer. His brother also informed Reynolds that they would be attending the band’s concert that night in Utah.

During the concert, Imagine Dragons played ‘It’s Time’ and dedicated the song to the brave young man whose story had really inspired them and that was just the beginning of a strong friendship. Tyler Robinson managed to beat cancer after a challenging year of therapy, but unfortunately, his cancer unexpectedly returned and he passed only a few months later in 2013.

After his passing, Imagine Dragons and Tyler’s family decided to establish the Tyler Robinson Foundation determined to continue his legacy and help other people who also suffer from Rhabdomyosarcoma. In his recent tweet, Dan Reynolds paid tribute to this amazing cancer warrior and said that he will be donating $10K for his ten-year anniversary with Aja Volkman and encouraged his fans to get involved with the foundation.

Here’s what Dan Reynolds said in his recent tweet:

“It has been 8 years since Tyler passed – yet he continues to change the world through Tyler Robinson Foundation. For mine and Aja Volkman’s ten-year anniversary tomorrow we will be donating 10k to the foundation. For more info see the below.”

This is the tweet that he quoted:

“It’s March 4th. We will MARCH FORTH. In honor of Tyler. In honor of our pediatric kids worldwide. Today we share our origin story – a new look at the first meeting between Tyler Robinson and Imagine Dragons ten years ago. #slaycancerwithdragons”

You can check out the tweets below and click here to find out more about the foundation and Tyler Robinson’s story.