On Twitter, the iconic vocalist of Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds, responded to a fan’s call for help about his homophobic parents: “We are here for you.”

Imagine Dragons‘ talented frontman Dan Reynolds has been known for his support of the important social causes via his social media accounts. Particularly during the Black Lives Matter movement, Dan and his wife Aja Volkman have shown their support for the Black community by physically attending to the demonstrations on the streets.

Dan has also been a devoted supporter of the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. He often shares his thoughts on the issue via his Twitter account.

Recently, Dan shared a tweet about the new show of LoveLoud Foundation named ‘Love Listens,’ and asked his fans to watch the new episode welcoming LGBTQ+ activists and youth talking about their experience of Black Lives Matter movement.

Here’s the announcement Dan Reynolds shared on Twitter:

Watch for an inspiring discussion between LGBTQ+ talent, activists, and youth about what #BlackLivesMatter means to them, how they experience the intersection of their race and sexuality, and what we can all do to be better allies to the Black community.

However, a fan named Brenner on Twitter posted a comment on Dan’s tweet sharing his ongoing problem with his homophobic parents and asked for some advice.

Dan, how am I supposed to live with members of my family who are extremely homophobic and don’t change the way they think?

Dan Reynolds had an assuring response to his fan showing even though he was alienated by his parents, his internet friends and Dan would always be there for him.

We are here for you. find refuge in our internet arms. Hug. Xoxo

You can see the tweet Dan Reynolds posted on his Twitter account below.