Imagine Dragons‘ frontman Dan Reynolds posted a series of tweets about his personal opinions on all the struggles this year brought us, but later he summarized them in one simple sentence.

As you may know, Imagine Dragons’ lead singer Dan Reynolds has been actively using his social media accounts to express his personal opinions on certain political and social issues happening in the United States. Dan is also known as a devoted supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and the rights of LGBTQ+ community.

Recently, Reynolds took his Twitter account to reveal his thoughts on the current political chaos in the country by posting a series of tweets. In his tweets, Dan initially warned his fans about being conscious about these challenging and stressful times. He also urged fans not to waste their chance to raise their voices by simply voting.

Furthermore, the talented singer asserted that he still believed that the humanity was moving to a more positive direction regardless of the problems we had to face since the beginning of this year. He gave some additional advice on how to end this ongoing state of discrimination among many Americans, particularly by applying meaningful dialogue.

Following his eight-tweets long statement on the current political and social environment, Dan Reynolds summarized his thoughts in one last tweet. At the beginning of his tweet, Dan stated that this one was for those who thought his tweets were ‘too long to read.’

Although Reynolds summarized all his opinions and recommendations in four simple sentences, his last sentence was the one which expressed his attitude towards this year: ‘2020 is dogshit.’

Here’s what Dan Reynolds stated in his latest tweet:

“too long, didn’t read:

fight and protest against intolerance and injustice

-engage in meaningful dialogue with those willing

-cut people out of your life that are racist/homophobic/xenophobic/toxic

-2020 is dogshit”

You can see the tweet Dan Reynolds posted on his Twitter account below.