The iconic fronting member of Imagine Dragons and one of the most famous LGBTQ+ activists on the whole social media, Dan Reynold, posted a bunch of new tweets on his Twitter account and talked about the rights of the black people.

At last, he posted one more tweet and reminded the fans that they do not need to thank him for the things he said. That way, he showed how humbled heart he has once again.

Here is the declaration of Dan Reynolds:

“I have never feared the cops would take my life. No one has ever crossed the street to avoid me out of fear. My ancestors were not enslaved Just truly understand those 3 facts alone – How would you NOT be enraged by society???”

He continued:

“This is not our place to speak or question or judge. Because it is not our reality. We don’t know what it’s like! This isn’t about all lives mattering???? The world already knew that – except for some stupid violent disturbed people from time to time.

The world doesn’t require education in that matter. but we absolutely have not shown that we understand that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

And here is his latest tweet:

“Lastly please do not thank me for these tweets. I’m literally moving my two thumbs and saying something that my 2-year-old understands. It takes nothing.

It’s in fact popular for musicians to say this shit. But god it’s the truth and it’s sad that I have to tweet this in 2020.”

You can check out all these tweets below.