In Flames vocalist and frontman Anders Friden, recently had an interview with Pittsburgh Music Magazine and responded to two interesting questions.

The first question was, Do you consider what fans might from you?”

Here is what Friden says (Alternative Nation transcribed):

“I can’t do that, because there’s thousands and thousands of people. If I should please everyone, it would be a really confusing album. I mean, I appreciate [our fans] — without the fans, we’re nothing.

We could not leave Sweden if there were no fans around. I’m so fortunate — I can travel the world and do what I do — but I have to be happy with what we do, and then it’s up to other people to say this or that. I can’t really take that in consideration.”

The other question was about social media. The fans are curious about why Friden’s not using any social media but Instagram.

Here is his answer:

“I’m following three things — my own stuff. I don’t see a lot of other things. I would be too stressed to get all that information all the time. I think we as people, we need to step away from showing how great our lives are. It’s the mask I’m talking about.

Social media could be really good for people as well. It’s not all bad — [if] you have social anxiety and you don’t like to be around people, that’s maybe the only chance you have. But we show a side that’s not real for the most part, and that could be very stressful. It’s not only social media; it’s way more things I’m talking about on this album — the mask that we carry, and how we need to deal with our demons and deal with the darkness and sadness instead of holding a mask in between reality and the dark side.

If you don’t, you’ll miss opportunities; you don’t see the future as it’s supposed to be. It is a pretty dark world we’re living in, and we’re heading [in] the wrong direction… People are pointing fingers left and right, and it’s very easy to raise your voice on the ‘net. It’s very easy to be someone that you’re not.

Some people have an opinion just for the sake of having an opinion, and that destroys the actual argument and the discussions that we can have.”

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