In Flames vocalist Anders Fridén and guitarist Björn Gelotte spoke in an interview with Laaos TV from Finland.

Björn talked about the songwriting process of their upcoming album “I, The Mask”, and explained what they learn from their last album “Battles”. He said:

“I think we learned a lot from the last time we recorded when we did ‘Battles’. We started working with a producer called Howard Benson and he really brought out some really good stuff in us. We started working in a new way, so to speak.

We both were in the same room at the same time writing. From vocal melodies and guitar melodies, that writing process was very different from how we usually have done it before. When we did this record, we had this already. The process was really quick, creative, inspiring and fun, I have to say. So, yeah, it was good.”

On musical direction of “I, The Mask”, he said:

“I’d say there’s in the music, there’s probably as much electronic stuff. It’s a matter of production in the end, the mixing of it. We talked about it before, it is more focused on the guitars as it has been in the past. It’s a mixing thing, again. It’s something I’m not unhappy with. [Laughs] I kind of like that, obviously.

I think the overall sound is really good. We got lucky working with Chris Lord-Alge for the mix and he and Howard know each other really well. He’s kind of a rock guy and that usually means a lot of guitars.”

Andres added:

“This talk about ‘old versus new,’ I feel very old, to me. It’s another In Flames album and what it means to you, it’s what it is to me, which I think is cool. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. We want to make an album that is personal for anyone who is listening to it.

This is where we are right now and if more guitars in the mix means more old for some people, then that’s fine. It’s not our intention to make it sound old or new, it’s an intention to make a great, new In Flames album. That’s how we look at it every time. Then, how it comes out on the other end and how people portray it and how people dissect it, it’s out of our hands.”

Watch the entire interview below. Click here for the source (Blabbermouth).