One of the most followed fan pages of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, Freddie Mercury Club, revealed a funny and rare interview of Freddie on Instagram that will make you smile for sure.

In the conversation, the interview asked about Freddie’s hobbies and what he had been doing in life besides music. And the answer was not expected from anybody in the studio but Freddie himself.

Freddie said that he doesn’t have time for any hobbies, but he changed his mind immediately and impressed everybody once again with his answer. Freddie stated that his only hobby is having sex and made everybody laugh with this answer.

In this way, Freddie showed once again why everybody calls him a legend beside his performance on the stage. He revealed the importance of being honest with everybody and proved that he is a humble personality.

Interviewer asked:

“Do you have hobbies?”

Freddie Mercury replied:

“I have no time… Yeah, a lot of sex!”

You can check out the post below.