Incubus lead vocalist Brandon Boyd recently joined an interview with The SDR Show, in which he recalled the time when Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell didn’t like his outfit and wanted him to change his jeans.

In 1999, Incubus and Pantera first came together when Black Sabbath invited Pantera as the supporting band and Incubus as the opening act during their U.S. tour. Later on, in 2000, Incubus and Pantera shared the same stage also at the Ozzfest along with Ozzy Osbourne, Godsmack, and several other bands.

As the two bands spent a lot of time together, they indeed have many memories. When we compare Pantera’s and Incubus’ dressing styles, it is not surprising to find several differences. While Pantera chose to wear metal outfits, Incubus favored an alternative rock outfit. During the interview, Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd recalled how Pantera members once requested them to change their outfits.

The interviewer initially asked Boyd whether it is true that Dimebag Darrell didn’t like their baggy jeans and bought them different ones. Brandon Boyd confirmed that and said he doesn’t know whether Darrell bought the jeans, but he recalls him coming to their dressing room with several folded new jeans. Dimebag Darell told Boyd that they needed to change their jeans because they didn’t fit right.

When asked about Dimebag Darrell’s unusual request, Brandon Boyd responded:

“Yes, that’s mostly true. I don’t know if it was Dime himself that purchased the jeans, but it was Dime and Vinnie who came into our dressing room with like a platter, and on the platter were form-fitting Wrangler jeans perfectly folded and then shots of I think it was either Wild Turkey or Jack Daniels and then they didn’t ask us to put them on. They said, ‘Your jeans don’t fit right, you need to put these jeans on and take these shots.'”

You can watch the full interview below.