We talked with Ignazio Nicastro from Eversin before Rock Off Festival 2015.

Metalhead Zone: We are deeply happy to having Eversin who cares Turkish fans in our interview corner.

Eversin: Hi all at Turkgitar, a big hug to all of ours Turkish supporters…how are you, bro?

Metalhead Zone: If you wish, I wanna talk about your new album. You released Trinity: The Annihilation at 18th May. Could you get what you hope in Italy and ınternational area?

Eversin: Well, our last record is for sure our best, we are getting a lot of feedback everywhere, we are very proud of it. People love our music, and this is the best gain for a band.

Metalhead Zone: The name of the album comes from the first nuclear weapon which blasted in New Mexico. Eversin followers are wondering why did you choose this name?

Eversin: On “Tears on the face of God” we talked about WW2, we all love hystorical lyrics, we love talk about facts that changed the history of man. Now, it’s time to talk about something chronologically closer to the present days.

Metalhead Zone: You released Chaosborn as a single. Hard and agressive song for sure. We can see this hard mental ity the rest of the album. We can say that this is the heaviest album of Eversin inner peace. What did you do while recording process? Any divergincies happened? Could youmanage to reflect to album you ideas which comprised of pre-album.

Eversin: Trinity: the Annihilation is for sure our harde album ever. 100% Violent Thrash Metal. No divergencies happend, for we all know the direction to follow. EVERSIN is a band in constant evolution, so we play  what we feel…We follow our istinct, we never wrong.

Metalhead Zone: Let’s talk about live shows. You came Turkey last year with Rock-Off festival and it was your first experience in here. You were unknown, performed too early but you managed the capture a wonderful harmony with audience. Especially with front stage. We enjoyed very much. Can we learn what did you feel while at the stage?

Eversin: Oh…the first minute on stage was really…crazy. It was  early and very very hot, but we can feel the adrenaline of the audience. Your people are awesome. We played our best, we had fun.

Metalhead Zone: After Rock-Off, Eversin created an official page and a group on facebook for Turkish fans. We understand that Turkish fans are important for Eversin. What do Turkish fans state for Eversin? Why are thet so precious? Do you do the same for all of your fans who live another countries?

Eversin: Turkish fans deserve our love. They showed us so much respect, so much love. Fortunally we have very nice fans everywhere, but that first time in Istanbul was really awesome.

Metalhead Zone: You show that you can reach foreign countries easily. And it’s something  important thing for underrated and unknown bands. You did it very well for us. Did you get what you want?

Eversin: At the moment we are planning some shows for the 2016 and we can say we are getting lot of satisfactions.  The most important thing for a band is playng on stage, the only way to reach more people.

Metalhead Zone: You are so loved and adopted in Turkey that many people think you are a Turkish band. Moreover one of the music magazines in Turkey announced you as a Turkish band in the line-up. What do you think about that?

Eversin: For us is not a problem, we are happy to be loved… We are an Italian band more loved by the Turkish audience than the Italian audience, this is for sure.

Metalhead Zone: You’re gonna come here with some Eversin t-shirts and albums. When will be the selling process? Only during the autograph session? Or both during the concert and autograph session?

Eversin: I guess both. It’s always amazing to meet people, so why one time only?

Metalhead Zone: You released your setlist in recent months. Did you make any changes? And any surprises for us maybe?

Eversin: Well, unfortunally it depends on the time they give us. We hope to have 35 minutes to play our live set, and we really hope to not cut off any song…

Metalhead Zone: It was mellow! Thank you and see you on the fest and after it too!

Eversin: Be ready my friends, we will unleash armageddon on stage. We will take no prisoners, pure Violent Thrash Metal at 100%. The first time was just a taste of what we are able to do. Get ready.

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