Dave Mustaine recently conducted an interview with Greg Dwyer and Bill Obenauf. Interviews were conducted by telephone and the first phone connection was lost. When second connecting to interview, he is face a kidding about the next concert of Megadeth. Interviewer says: “Friday, at Iowa Center, Metallica will be in concert“. Then, Dave fixed that speech, and says “Megadeth…”. You can listen below at 2.40.

Dave Mustaine really have dominant personality. For this reason, he was kicked out Metallica. In the last period, we are allways looking Dave and there is a more mature attitude. It looks a bit like a rolled up.

The book, which was written by Dave Mustaine called “Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir”, he admits he is a difficult person.

He wrote about this topic on his book, here is you can read(transcriped by Blabbermouth):

“I think that when you look at some people, that their careers have been out in the open, and I’ve been really honest about everything that I do and how I’ve worked… To lie about it just makes people loathe you. And part of the reason that I’m difficult, I think, to work with is because I demand the best that I can possibly do myself, and I think that when you do that, you kind of sometimes tend to expect that from others. I know that a lot of times, when I say ‘no’ to people, they take it wrong. It’s not like I’m saying, ‘No. Hey, hit the road.’ It’s something more along the lines [of], ‘No, I think maybe there’s something better,’ or, ‘Maybe not right now’ — that kind of thing. But a lot of times, people, they don’t like rejection. I certainly don’t like rejection. I don’t know; maybe that’s something that’s cool with you guys, but it’s not for me. So when I say ‘no’ a lot of times, people get mad. I remember the first time I had asked a girl to dance in high school and she said ‘no’ to me, I thought, ‘I’m gonna tell everybody what you are.'”