In a recent interview with TV Maldita, Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain shared the details of his conversion to Christianity and how religion affected his personal life and music career.

The legendary metal band Iron Maiden‘s drummer Nicko McBrain joined an interview for TV Maldita channel on Youtube. During the conversation, Nicko gave some details about the time he dedicated himself to Christianity and explained how God changed his life afterward.

Initially, Nicko McBrain talked about his attitude towards religion when he was young:

“When I was a kid, I was very versed in Christianity — I went to Sunday school, and we had religious instruction as a lesson in schools in those days. As I got older and I started to get wilder, religion didn’t really play much of a role and I wasn’t God-focused.”

Furthermore, Nicko explained how his wife Rebecca McBrain affected him. He shared his memory of attending his wife’s church and revealed how he felt about being there for the first time::

“In the ’90s — probably ’98, somewhere around there; maybe earlier — my wife was born again, and she started reading the Bible a lot. And she basically said, ‘You wanna come to church with me one day?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, sure. I’ll come with you.’ And it was Sunday morning. I was sleeping. My wife thought, ‘Is he coming? ‘Cause I’m ready to go.’ And I’ll tell you what — it was as though God had gone like this: ‘Get up. Come on. Enough.’

So that was the first thing that I felt was really important. Anyway, we go to this church, and it was a little church, and I wasn’t that impressed. It was all about raising funds and stuff. Now I know that to function and do charity work and missionary work, they need money. But this particular sermon wasn’t a cup of tea…

Anyway, we went to a different church called the Spanish River church. They had a chapel, and later on, they built a bigger church. The band was phenomenal. The music was just… I’d never been to a church where there was this contemporary rock music. And I remember standing, listening to this music, thinking, ‘This is fantastic.’

He continued:

“The pastor comes out, starts his sermon and he said a prayer. Normally, later on, he would close in prayer. And he basically said, ‘Where you’re standing now, ask God into your life. Ask Jesus Christ to come in there. Give your heart to him.’ And I stood with closed eyes, and I swear that God and Jesus pushed me, and I kept moving forward as though I was being pushed over. I couldn’t feel anything.

And this is the God’s honest truth — I thought, ‘I haven’t had a drink. I’m not in a hangover here.’ I felt his presence. And right there and then, I gave my heart to God, The way it changed my life is it never makes you sinless, it makes you sinless and I asked Jesus in my life.”

Additionally, Nicko stated that it wasn’t an easy process for him to give up on his ongoing habits. However, he added the disease Iron Maiden’s singer Bruce Dickinson struggled to change Nicko as well. McBrain mentioned that connecting with God had some great impacts on his personal life and music career:

“I didn’t stop drinking straight away — I still was partying. And then, looking at what happened to Bruce, when he had his cancer scare, and sitting on a plane with a serious hangover, basically, I said a prayer to God and said, ‘Dear Lord, I promise I’m not gonna have another drink.’ And that was five years and two months ago.

The way it changed my life is it never makes you sinless, it makes you sinless. We’ve all got crosses to bear, baggage that we always hang around, and sometimes when you love the Lord, you read your Bible, you say your prayers to the governor, some of that baggage, all of a sudden it’s gone. And it’s a great savior for me.”

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