Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson had a recent interview with Wales Online in Utrecht, Netherlands and shared made a comparison between being around in traffic and flying on an airplane.

Wales Online:

“What happens with a plane if all the engines top working in mid-air?”

Bruce Dickinson:

“Well… It depends. Do you want to know what happens if they continue to stop working? Because then I can tell you… That’s a nice thing. When all the engines stop, then you realize that there are only two or three options.

One of [the engines] is going to restart, or not. And if the answer is ‘not,’ then the next question is, ‘Where are you going to land?’ ‘Cause that bit is a certainty. So, generally, if you have multiple engine failures on a two-engine airplane, the odds of it happening are near impossibility.”

The satisfaction flying airplanes is getting the job done, but the satisfaction with playing live is external, looking out at all the people looking at you,” he said. “With an airliner, it’s all internal. If you’ve got passengers, nobody goes,

‘Wow! Wasn’t that great?’ They’re thinking about the rest of their day. Your job as an airline pilot is to deliver them safely and be invisible. That’s quite nice for me because it’s completely the opposite to what I do when I sing.”

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