Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson spoke in an interview with French magazine L’Obs and explained his thoughts about Brexit.

He said that “Iron Maiden music is global music” and mentioned about touring in different places in the world. Here’s the statement:

“If musicians were running Europe, Europe would run a lot better because we’d all get on with each other and say, ‘Yeah’.

Iron Maiden music is global music; we have fans everywhere. I don’t see any problem with touring Australia; that’s not part of the EU. There’s no problem with touring in Japan; that’s not part of the EU. I don’t see any problem with touring America; oh, let me see — that’s not part of the EU. Now, do those musicians have problems coming to Europe? No.”

He also said that he is “quite relaxed about the idea” of the United Kingdom separating from the European Union.

During the recent interview with The Jerusalem Post, Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson has revealed his choice between piloting and singing.

He said:

“I would have to choose performing onstage. You only have to look out the window in the sky to figure out that there’s loads of people who can fly airliners pretty well. But there’s not too many people who can front Iron Maiden.”

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