In a recent interview with the podcast ‘Saltwater Experience,’ Iron Maiden’s successful guitarist Adrian Smith revealed the techniques he uses to overcome stress and how they can be used as a way of recovering from high-pressure environments.

As you may know, just some months ago, Adrian Smith released his memoir named ‘Monsters Of River & Rock: My Life As Iron Maiden’s Compulsive Angler‘ in which he talks about his life as a rockstar and his hobby which has helped him overcome numerous burdens.

During his recent interview with ‘Saltwater Experience,’ Adrian Smith shared intimate information about how fishing has become an inseparable part of his life. He said that he only just realized it in the process of writing his memoir. The more he wrote the more he understood that fishing and music were the two passions he always had.

Adrian Smith stated that fishing is a great activity to clear your head and it can even be seen as a type of meditation. In addition to that, he said that fishing helps you relax so much that it gets you ready to face challenges in your personal and work life.

Adrian Smith admitted that being in a band and especially in the 80s was very stressful because it was a high-pressure environment. He went on to say that it was fishing that enabled him to balance his life and clear his mind so that he can deal with everything.

His memoir ‘Monsters Of River & Rock: My Life As Iron Maiden’s Compulsive Angler’ has already been enjoyed by thousands of his fans and it seems like Adrian hopes he can convince more people to give fishing a try as it has helped him through some rough times.

Here’s what Adrian Smith said in the interview:

“The more I wrote [the book], and the more I read it back, I realized how important fishing is to me, and it’s important to have that balance between my two passions. Especially when you go through rough times mentally, I think fishing is so good for your head.

Like I say in the book, fishing is like meditation but with a punchline. I can sit by a river or a lake, and I only think about fishing; you don’t think about anything else. It really washes your mind and gets you ready to face the real world and your work and stuff.”

He continued by saying:

“Obviously, being in a band, especially in the ’80s, was a quite high-pressure environment, so I really found increasingly that fishing was a great way to balance myself out. And like I say, the more I wrote of the book, the more that became obvious.”

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