Iron Maiden’s talented guitarist who is also known as the songwriter and back-vocalist of the band from time to time, Adrian Smith, has been recently interviewed by BBC’s Raised On Radio this week and admitted that his rock god is ‘Free And Bad Company’ frontman Paul Rodgers.

As you might already follow up, Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith has released his own book named ‘Monsters of River and Rock: My Life as Iron Maiden’s Compulsive Angler‘ at the end of the year. The book tells a lot of details about his special perspective on rock stars, how he lived as a human, and also one of his most enjoyable hobbies of all time, fishing.

In his latest interview, he was asked to name his ‘Rock God’ of all time and without any hesitation, Adrian named ‘Free And Bad Company’ frontman Paul Rodgers by sharing the story of how he met Paul when he was younger.

Here is the story:

“My rock icon is Paul Rodgers. Free were probably my favorite band when I was growing up – I loved, and still love, that swaggering, ’70s bluesy rock.

I met Paul Rodgers once. I had arranged for my father to see a doctor up in town – he was having a few health problems, this was back in the ’90s – and I was late getting to the doctor, as usual.

My dad was in the waiting room, and when I got there, my dad was in conversation with none other than Paul Rodgers. My dad turned to me and said, ‘Oh, Adrian, late as usual. But I’ve been talking to this nice young man here – he reckons he’s a bit of a singer.’

And my dad’s favorite singer was Perry Como, so he had no idea who Paul Rodgers was, and I just thought that was lovely.”

You can listen to the whole interview below.

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