Former Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley has posted a new video on his official Facebook account and opened up about the coronavirus outbreak for the first time.

COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease spreading across the world with over 270K cases around the globe. Because of this outbreak, most of the musicians decided to postpone or cancel their events and shows.

Today, Blaze Bayley shared a recent video on his social media accounts and made some important statements about the coronavirus. In addition, he shared some tips to maintain positive mental health in the wake of the virus.

Here’s what he said in the video:

 “As you know, there’s an evil virus threatening mankind, and we all have to be aware of it.

The thing that I wanted to say to everybody is that it’s okay that we feel miserable and we feel stressed and all of that. But the key thing to survival is a positive mental attitude and never giving up. If we’re all in this together, then let’s try and get through it together.

On a serious note, when you’re stressed, that suppresses your immune system,” he continued. “So humans have evolved naturally to be happy creatures most of the time; perhaps some of us don’t feel that way. And when you’re happy, your immunity works great. So, listening to your favorite songs, watching comedy, films and things that you like to do, what makes you feel good, what distracts you from the stress that we’re all under, that’s a really healthy good.

So it’s not a crime to happy. And it’s one way, having those brief moments of happiness and trying to put aside all of that stress and tragedy that we’re going through is one way to keep ourselves going and fight this horrible virus.”

You can watch the video of him below and click here to source.

There is an evil virus threatening mankind! this time its biological! Its

Thank you all so much for yourSupport. wishing everyone the very best at this horrible stressful time.

Gepostet von Official Blaze Bayley am Sonntag, 22. März 2020