Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain spoke with Chris Jericho in his Talk With Jericho radio show and shared his views on their newest release, ‘Senjutsu.’

Six years after releasing ‘The Book Of Souls,’ Iron Maiden finally dropped a new record on September 3, named ‘Senjutsu.’ It is the band’s seventeenth studio album and second double-album.

In the conversation, Nicko said that people seemed satisfied with ‘Senjutsu’ on social media and stated that those who complain about the record should also get the CD version of this album to feel the authentic Maiden sound.

Furthermore, Nicko pointed out that they were doing analog records back in the ’90s and said that they are still an analog-type band today and that they still do the mixing ‘from the heart’ instead of using codes and other digital programs.

While Nicko was saying that they are mixing the songs manually, he also mentioned that there are some minor mistakes they made during the recording that they left purposely, which is why people should get a vinyl or CD of this album.

Nicko McBrain on ‘Senjutsu’ record in the interview:

“You know, I’ve been online and looked at comments on Facebook and people and on our webpage, and you know, even now, there’s a lot of winging going on, ‘Oh, he can’t mix a spoon in a bowl,’ all this stuff.

And what makes me amazed about today’s society and the way with the social media, wait until you get the fucking record on CD, play it at home, and then make your mind up.

Everyone’s winging about it, and here’s a thing – the way we made the records in the ’80s and ’90s was analog.”

He continued:

We’re still an analog-type band. You’ve got digitized things, it’s all numbers, zeros-and-ones, and stuff, and cleanliness. People would become conditioned to hear a certain frequency in records that are made like that.

We’re still mixing from the heart – we still play the song, and even with the mistakes, little mistakes are in there, so yeah, I’m a bit annoyed because I find that people tend to be super-analytic about two songs.

Wait until you’ve heard the record, get a bit of vinyl, get a CD in the machine. The vibe, even the ‘Senjutsu’ Eddie, who is freaking phenomenally, I mean, it’s not as frighting as ‘The Book of Souls’ record…”

You can have a listen to ‘Senjutsu’ through Spotify below.