Iron Maiden bassist and the leader of the band, Steve Harris stepped into an unexpected collaboration with British professional football club West Ham United.

According to the announcement, they put on sale Iron Maiden themed West Ham United jerseys, socks, and shorts.

As we all know, Steve Harris is a huge fan of West Ham and his love for the team is very unique and powerful. He always takes to the stage with the West Ham flag, and even his guitar features the football club’s logo.

Here’s what Steve Harris said about his West Ham United passion:

“I went to see West Ham play against Newcastle when I was 9 and my mate was 10. We jumped on a bus and went to the game, and they won 4-3 and that was it. I was hooked!

When I’m up there playing and I see fans in the audience wearing West Ham stuff, it gives me goosebumps.”

He continued:

 “I think it’s brilliant. I really love that version and colour of the crest, and that old classic kind of kit. It’s a modern shape but with a retro design, and I like that. Up the Irons!”

In addition, the licensing manager of West Ham United, Tracey Stratton explained how they decided to cooperate.

Tracey Stratton stated:

“One-weekend last summer, our club shop was inundated with rock fans from all across the globe, and we realized that Iron Maiden were playing two sold-out shows at the O2. It makes perfect sense to launch this collaboration, and with Steve’s passion for it and attention to detail, it has been amazing.”

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