Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain spoke in a recent interview with Al Murray, and revealed how he started to play drums at the age of 10.

He also said that he made the most incredible drum set we could possible imagine. Here’s the story that he shared:

“I was about 10 years old. Dave Brubeck had a song called ‘Take Five’… back in the ’60s, when I was 10 years old, it was all live telly. So Dave Brubeck playing, and then in the middle of it, Joe Morello, who’s the drummer, did a drum solo, it was a really moving moment for me. I just went straight up to the black-and-white telly, dad was doing the ironing, and I looked at this guy doing a drum solo, and I was absolutely blown away.

I said to my dad, ‘Who’s that fellow there, who’s that drummer? I want to be like him.’ He said, ‘His name is Joe Morello.’ I said, ‘Joe Morello? I want to be that guy.’ And he had these kind-of tinted glasses because he had poor eyesight, and he went, ‘You’ll never be as good Joe Morello, son.’

I went, ‘Oh, right, dad, thanks a lot for a vote of confidence.’ So, I went out to the kitchen, I picked up a pair of my mom’s knives and I beat the nine livin’ daylights out of the cooker. My mom goes into the kitchen, [screaming], ‘Harry, get in here!’ And there’s all these pieces laying around… [I said] ‘I’m Joe!’ Dad came in, clubbed me in the back, ‘Give me that pair of knives! What do you think you’re doing? You’ve really messed it up, son. You’ll understand one day.’

Well, I mean, I understand what my dad was on about. When you get married, you got kids… So that was it. It inspired me. For about a year, I made the most incredible drum set you could possibly imagine.

It exponentially, every week it would grow, and it consisted of biscuit tins, box tins, tobacco tins. I cut the boxes and put the earth in one of them to change the note to make it denser, so it didn’t sound the same.

I used to take it on the road with me. I’ll take it out to the bedroom, that’s where the gramophone record was, and I’ll play along to records, so that’s how it started.”

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