Iron Maiden’s iconic star, Nicko McBrain was recently interviewed by Triple M’s Becko, and he revealed how does it feel to be in the band thus long.

Iron Maiden drummer also stated that as a drummer, what happens is he’s trying harder, things go up a little bit.

You can read his statements below:

“The great thing about live music is if you love and have a passion for music, which we all do still, it doesn’t matter how you feel, once you get up there…

Yes, it can influence the way you perform, depending on if you’re sick or if you’re just feeling really tired. Now, in my case, when I’m really fatigued, I tend to play faster.”

He continued:

“Now, you think it’d be the other way around. As a drummer, what happens is you’re trying harder, so things go up a little bit and you can kind of lose track of the way you’re supposed to be. And likewise with the guitar players and singers.

Bruce [Dickinson, vocals] sometimes gets tired and he won’t actually go for a note. But you get onstage and this passion takes over and then you get the vibe of the audience as well.”

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